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Horticulture » Horticulture


Mr. Scott Cheyne, Instructor 


What is Horticulture?

Horticulture is a broad and diverse field involved with producing and utilizing a multitude of specialized plants. Benefits of this industry to all people are both physical and emotional. Horticulturists provide the fruits and vegetables so important to good nutrition. Horticulturists also improve the human environment, through both beautification and conservation, by providing the ornamental plants and designs utilized to enhance aesthetics within and around the home, workplace, and other areas.


Career Opportunities

Environmental management, greenhouse production, nursery crop production, fish and wildlife management, landscape design, lawn care services, turfgrass management are some of the endless possible career opportunities in horticulture.


How much will the class cost?

Lab fees: $40.00 for one school year.


Potential Earnings

$8 to $12 starting wages and $20 to $25 depending on skill level, education and or experience.


1st Year

Horticulture Science


Environmental Management


Fish and Wildlife Management



2nd Year

Landscape Design and Management


Greenhouse Production Management


Nursery Production and Management


3rd Year

Sports Turfgrass Management


Residential Landscape Establishment and Management


Supervised Agricultural Experience:

The SAE is a required component of a total agricultural education program and intended for every student. Through their involvement in the SAE program, students are able to consider multiple careers and occupations, learn expected workplace behavior, develop specific skills within an industry, and are given opportunities to apply academic and occupational skills in the workplace or a simulated workplace environment. Through these strategies, students learn how to apply what they are learning in the classroom as they prepare to transition into the world of college and career opportunities.